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Our experimental research group's main objective is to explore and comprehend advanced polymer materials that prioritize sustainability. Through controlled polymerization techniques, we create ion-containing polymers and employ sophisticated structural and dynamic analysis to gain insights into the underlying physics of these associating polymers. Our goal is to establish universal relationships between structure, mechanics, and dynamics by harnessing the potential of dynamic ionic interactions, which involves understanding the strength and lifespan of ionic bonds in relation to polymer structure and behavior. By utilizing these design principles, we aim to produce materials that can be reprocessed and recycled, as well as dynamic networks with properties that can be switched on demand.

Research Thrusts

  1. Molecular View of Ionic Supramolecular Copolymer Structure and Dynamics

  2. Manufacturing of Ion-Mediated Polymer Assemblies that Aid in Dynamic Compatibilization

  3. Design and Fabricate Polymers with Well-Defined and Tunable/Switchable Properties

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